Northstar Agri Industries’ Hallock plant is a modern canola processing facility with an integrated refinery. The plant uses state-of-the-art processing technology throughout to produce two primary products, Canola Oil and Canola Meal. Canola Oil can be produced and sold as either Crude canola oil or Refined, Bleached and Deodorized (RBD) oil. Canola Meal is produced and sold as a bulk, non-pelletized product.

Production of canola oil involves two processes – (1) mechanical pressing and extraction, and (2) a refining process to further separate byproducts from the oil. These processes produce almost no change to the fatty acid profile of the oil and the nutritional qualities of the meal produced.

  • Processing canola seed, or “crushing” is accomplished by cleaning, heating, flaking, and pre-pressing the seed ultimately facilitating solvent extraction to extract the residual oil.
  • A “press cake” is produced through the processing of the canola seed and then subject to solvent extraction to remove any remaining oil
  • Crude canola oil from the extraction process can be sold to customers at this point without requiring any further processing.
  • The “refining” process involves pH neutralization of the canola oil followed by a mechanical separation process to remove naturally occurring byproducts from the oil.
  • Next the oil is passed through a series of filtration steps including diatomaceous earth, bleaching clay and silica to remove color compounds and chlorophyll from the oil.
  • “Deodorizing” is a process where the oil is exposed to a low pressure / vacuum environment at a very high temperature to remove residual odor compounds.
  • Following these processes, refined, bleached, deodorized (RBD) canola oil is now available for sale and can be used in a large variety of edible oil products.
  • The result is bland tasting oil, very light in color, with great nutritional properties.
  • Our oil and meal products can be shipped by either truck or rail in bulk.
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